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April 2009

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Board Approves New Sunset Strip Logo

At the March 25 SSBA Board meeting, members approved a new Sunset Strip logo. The logo, designed by digital agency Signature Creative, highlights a custom logotype that is strong and bold, blending the modern style of high-end luxury with edgier angles associated with the notoriety of The Strip and its music history.

The new logo was inspired by M&C Saatchi’s branding study created last year. It emphasizes “The Sunset Strip” as a destination and highlights the area’s internationally recognizable name.

“The new mark really personifies The Sunset Strip as a modern icon, bringing subtly clean details and a sense of magnetism to its edgy reputation,” says John Gheur, owner of Signature Creative.

A color scheme will accompany the new logo and be used to identify businesses that fall into the categories of shopping, dining, nightlife, music, hotels and parking.

This logo positions The Sunset Strip as a forward-thinking and bold brand. It also allows the SSBA to utilize one unifying mark that will help define The Strip for branding and advertising purposes and generate increased attention.

Signature Creative is also in the process of updating and redesigning website to reflect the new brand positioning of the logo and update social tools.

Study Reveals Business Improvement Districts Help Reduce Crime

A recent study released by the Rand Corp. found that areas with business improvement districts have significantly less crime than those without them. The study, which focused on the city of Los Angeles’ 30 improvement districts from 1994-2005, found that violent crime in these districts dropped an extra 8 percent on average compared to the city as a whole during the same period.

The business improvement districts have reduced rates of robbery and other street crimes as compared to other parts of the city as well.

The Sunset Strip Business Association has contracted with Block-by-Block security services since 2005 to patrol the boulevard. Approximately 70 percent of the Sunset Strip Business Association’s total assessment dollars are used for this increased public safety presence.

Every night, up to 10 uniformed, highly visible Security Ambassadors patrol The Sunset Strip and surrounding neighborhoods on foot, bicycle and automobile addressing any business or resident concerns and ultimately reducing and preventing crime. The result has been beneficial.

SSBA Director of Security Kris Zagyva notes that there has been a reduction in crime and unwanted behavior since the Security Ambassadors began working with The Sunset Strip and SSBA. The success has to do with the teamwork the Security Ambassadors have with the Sheriff’s Department, nonprofit group People Assisting The Homeless (P.A.T.H.), local businesses, the City and the residents.

And although robbery and theft crime historically has increased as economic times get tougher, crime on Sunset Boulevard and in West Hollywood has not increased. There are still steps residents and visitors can take to decrease the risk of theft, though.

“I recommend not leaving any temptation out in the open in the vehicle,” noted Zagyva. “Sometimes hiding things of value like iPods, GPS or XM Radios may not be sufficient enough. Where there are chargers or cords, there may be an iPod or GPS in the glove department or under the seat. Taking temptations away and out of the car is the best way not to become a victim of theft.”

As a crime prevention measure, the Security Ambassadors have also ensured they are highly visible in neighborhoods near The Strip that are not as well-lit. They have also increased neighborhood outreach.

In addition to crime prevention, the Security Ambassadors also help manage logistical issues. They deter visitors from entering residential areas and routinely instruct loitering visitors to keep their voices down, turn down radios and move along to their destination.

"The SSBA Security Ambassadors have been a blessing for not only the businesses, residents and guests to The Sunset Strip, but also to the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department,” noted Lt. David Smith. “Since 2002, the Security Ambassadors have been an extra set of ‘eyes and ears’ for us. With the help of the team, we have helped The Sunset Strip continue to flourish and to be a safe destination to all who venture to The Strip."

Neighboring residents and SSBA members are encouraged to contact the SSBA Security Ambassadors for any noise complaints or if there is concern regarding suspicious loitering or activity. Their mobile hotline is 310-210-7622 (call 9-1-1 in case of emergency), and the Ambassadors are on The Strip from 8 p.m. – 3 a.m. daily.

City Council Approves 2009 Sunset Strip Music Festival

City Council on April 6 approved sponsorship and support of the 2009 Sunset Strip Music Festival to be held Sept. 10-12. In addition to support from the City, Council also approved the closure of Sunset Boulevard between Doheny Road and San Vicente during the afternoon of Saturday, Sept. 12 to allow for an outdoor street festival component.

The Sunset Strip Music Festival, LLC hired professional street logistics consultant Steve Portigiani to assist with site layout for the street closure, including alternative driving routes and ways to ease impact on neighbors, parking and traffic congestion.

The outdoor festival will allow for more people to attend on Saturday with live entertainment between the hours of 2 – 9 p.m. The Sunset Strip’s six music venues will also host shows Friday and Saturday night as part of the festival, and the Mondrian hotel will host a VIP cocktail event.

“We are extremely excited the City of West Hollywood once again supported the Sunset Strip Music Festival and unanimously approved the street closure,” noted Todd Steadman, executive director of the Sunset Strip Music Festival, LLC. “The street closure will allow us to expand on the success of last year’s inaugural festival and bring more visitors to The Strip. We are working closely with a street logistics consultant and the City to ensure impacts on the neighborhood are at a minimum and that everyone can enjoy the festival.”

The goal of the music festival is to celebrate the history, present and future of music on the legendary boulevard as well as bring additional patrons and business to The Strip.

As the festival continues to grow, businesses located along The Strip will feel the benefit of increased business and media exposure. Last year, the first-ever festival generated local, national and international exposure, with the aim of growing this exposure.

The music festival also preserves and promotes the highly influential music scene along the boulevard and provides a dynamic social and artistic event for residents to attend.

Lauren Schlau Consulting, Inc. calculated economic impact per-person of six major music festivals in the United States. The impacts ranged from $54 per person at the Chicago Blues Festival, $100 for Coachella, $667 each for Monterey Jazz and Lollapalooza, $750 for the New Orleans Jazz Festival, and $364 per-person for South by Southwest.

These figures illustrate the economic benefits festivals have on local businesses and the community they serve.

SSBA members and residents are encouraged to contact SSBA offices with any questions they may have. Outreach meetings with business members as well as the community will be held in the upcoming months with more information provided as it becomes available.

For a recap of SSMF 2008, as well as information about SSMF 2009 as it is released, please visit

News Briefs

- The Sunset Strip was ranked one of the most influential, buzz-worthy areas of Los Angeles, based on findings in a new study, “The Geography of Buzz: Art, Culture and the Social Milieu in Los Angeles and New York.” According to the report, “The researchers found that those not conventionally involved in city development (paparazzi, marketers, media) have unintentionally played a significant role in the establishment of buzz and desirability hubs within a city.” Researchers examined more than 6,000 events in Los Angeles and New York affiliated with fashion, art, music, film and design and 300,000 event photographs from Getty as a basis for determining which areas are more “buzz-worthy.” A full account of the study can be found here.

- The next SSBA Board Meeting will be held May 27 at 1:45 p.m. Location to be announced. All members are encouraged to attend.

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